Dear Mama

Hey Mama,

This is an open letter to any mama that finds herself struggling. To the mama who worked all day and when she gets home does tummy time with her baby, reads to her toddler, cooks, cleans, and catches up with her husband. The mama who was home all day with her kiddos who slept all morning and were bouncing off the walls all afternoon. The mama who just wants her post body back but can’t stop snacking on junk because she has to pump every 2 hours. The mama who had an emergency C-section with her first baby and is hoping to have a VBAC with her second. The mama who got let go from her job and is struggling to make ends meet. The mama whose baby is in the NICU and she has to split her time between the hospital and home. The mama who wants to be at home with her baby but her family needs two incomes. This is to ALL Y’ALL.

Mamahood is the toughest hood there is! We face so many challenges on a daily basis that by the end of the day I am not sure how we are still standing and guess what…we still give more.  I know that you have learned more about yourself in the time that you have had a little one than you could have ever dreamed of. You have become an expert in areas that you never even knew about…or cared about before. Mama I see you! I know that you are reading up on everything that has to do with your kiddo, you want to know what is normal and what’s not. You want to know about the best toys, the most exciting books, the safest carseat. You are formulating your own ideas about vaccines, schools, and introducing foods. You talk to mama’s at work, at church, heck even in the aisles of target. You join playdate groups and breastfeeding groups.  Anything that has to do with a child your age you are all about it!

Your social media used to consist of pictures of the waffles you had for brunch but now all you post are your kiddos. Pictures of them sleeping, playing, eating, laughing, pretty much just pictures of their whole life. Don’t worry we all do it!

Mama you sacrificed your body for 9 months and now you are losing your hair. It’s falling out by the fistful and your baby tugging and pulling at it doesn’t help. So you buy headbands and scarves, you part your hair a different way and try to pretend that your thinning hairline doesn’t bother you. You are ready to trade in your nursing bras for lingerie but you are still insecure about your post baby body…and believe me I know how un-sexy nursing bras are! Your favorite pair of jeans no longer fit even though you lost that baby weight your body just isn’t quite the same. Summer will be here soon and you will walk past the bikinis and find a super cute one piece that hides the stretch marks or maybe your body bounced back and you will find a super cute two piece…rock it!

You stay up late finishing projects, homework, the dishes, and laundry when the rest of your family has gone to bed. You wake up for feedings, snuggles, sick nights, and bad dreams. You sleep in because your newborn is finally sleeping through the night. You juggle deadlines and carpools, daycare drop-offs and nanny’s. You skip time with your friends because you haven’t seen your babies all day while you were at work, and some days you hang out with your girlfriends because you need adult conversation!

Mama I know, I understand, I am in it right now! Mamahood is more than just the name of our blog. It is where we are day-in and day-out.  There are days that I can barely think straight I am so tired but then I see my son and I can’t help but to snuggle and kiss him and be silly just so I can hear his adorable laugh. It has been a hard transition to mamahood for me, but I would not change anything about my journey. Each challenge has helped me grow and is causing me to constantly be a better version of myself. I am more vocal, more outgoing, more curious than I have ever been in my life. I love talking with other mama’s I realized that there is so much to learn which is intimidating but also that so many mama’s are open and willing to help and that for me means so much! It does not matter if you are pregnant with your first child or all of your kids are out on their own you are part of a collection of women who have your back, because one good thing about the hood is…it always has your back.


If you are struggling just know that we all have days where the tears won’t stop flowing but just remember the days when everything is falling into place, every piece of laundry is folded and put away and all the dishes are clean. You are not alone, reach out to mama’s in your community, family, or even on social media! It helps to share experiences, it makes you feel normal and less stressed when you know another mama has gone through or is going through similar situations. Mamahood is an adventure..enjoy!


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  1. You are spot on! No matter how thin we spread ourselves, how worn out we are, how many other things we have to do, we still find ways to give more. We give one more hug before bedtime, we give one more kiss when dropping them off at school, we give one more look-over that homework assignment. We are to be celebrated for all we do and how much heart and love we have to give.

    1. Morgan says:

      It is amazing how once we become mama’s we just allow all of this love and care to be poured out to our kids! You are right we are to be celebrated!!!

  2. As a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, I often find myself struggling. I try to remember to prioritize, which means my house is a bit untidy but I spend a lot of time with my kiddos!

    1. Morgan says:

      Heather I am learning mess is okay! I would rather make memories with my son than spend his younger years worrying about the laundry! My mom homeschooled us and I always wondered how she managed to get everything done….props to you!!!

  3. Kayla says:

    AMAZING! I definitely needed this right now, as I’m struggling to get 4 kids to sleep. Thank you!

    1. Morgan says:

      Kayla you are a supermama! I hope that your kiddos get some rest so that you can relax as I am sure it is much needed!! you got this!!!

  4. BEing a mom is the toughest job indeed. We need oddles of encouragement to get us and keep us going, yet not often do we here those words.

    1. Morgan says:

      We have to encourage each other in this wonderful but tough job of being a mama !

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