4 Newborn Essentials

Hey Mama,

Let’s be honest for a moment…newborns may not require much outside of diapers, milk, and snuggles, but they somehow manage to consume our time, energy, brain cells, and money! I can remember all of the delirious days following the birth of Breezy. My hubby and I were seriously zombies, happy ones :)…. but zombies none the less. When we got home from the hospital we quickly crawled into bed only to be woken up by those precious…. but terrifying for first-time parents…. new-born squeals. But there are a few newborn essentials that can be a serious game changer in the first few months of your little ones life!

To our surprise Breezy hated… and I mean HATED his bassinet! So my hubby immediately got to work assembling our Rock N Sleeper  . This became my favorite item because it saved our lives then and many nights after.. (I think every mama should have one for her little nugget).  This rocker helps your baby feel snug like they’re in a cocoon and the automatic rocking feature is a HUGE LIFESAVER! It even plays music and white noise. We used this sleeper until Breezy was 4+ months-old. Also, for a couple of months, Breezy couldn’t lay flat because of acid reflux, and the incline of the rocker allowed him to sleep peacefully without him being in danger of choking and small enough to fit right next to our bed.

The Rock ‘N’ Sleeper Was Our Saving Grace

I put together my essential newborn items. I do not think we could have made it through the first month without them!!! We still use the Project Nursery Sound Machine and Organic Boba Wrap and Breezy is a little over 6 months old! I of course could not leave out our favorite pacifier brand which is MAM. We tried this brand after receiving one at a baby show. Breezy loves them and I like that they are designed for sensitive skin.


I hope these items help in your mamahood journey

after bringing your little nugget home.



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