Solid Food Fiasco

Homemade food was not working for me or my child and here is why….

My son is 6-months now and I thought it would be a good idea to begin introducing solid food. This week I bought pre-made, jarred, organic baby food. You’re probably thinking “wow OK Morgan congratulations…..why are you telling me this”. Well the reason is because I NEVER, EVER thought I would buy pre-made food! I had this mindset of providing my child breastmilk for at least 6 months and then through child- led weaning, offer him pureed foods that I prepared myself.  I’d make breastmilk popsicles and ice trays filled with puree from fresh steamed veggies with Breezy loving every second of it. However, that was not the case and introducing solids has been a fiasco!

Well I should have known my plans were no more than a dream when Breezy didn’t latch for the first 7 weeks. And when he gagged and slapped the spoon away the first time we tried to feed him! I want to share our solid food intro fiasco with y’all, hopefully you get a laugh and avoid the mistakes I made. DON’T feel pressured to start solids, child-led weaning rocks!



I was stressing myself over something I should not worry about…

You see, I wanted to do it all! I wanted to be that mama that breastfed like a boss and around 6 months had her child eating everything in site. I had this vision of what the transition would be like not realizing that my desires were totally centered around what I wanted and not what Breezy was demonstrating a readiness for. Of course, I was not force feeding my son or anything but we kept trying to offer him solids because he was “the right age”. And believe me, We tried soooo many different foods and it all ended the same way – Breezy pushing them away, making faces, tasting them a little, and then spitting them up! So we took a break from trying solids! My hubby and I decided that we would try solids again once he showed stronger signs of wanting food.

I thought adding solids would be a fun addition to our night-time routine. We  would play, eat, snuggle, read & go to sleep.

A couple of weeks ago Breezy ate like 3 tablespoons of food! We were at my parents and he totally ate up the yummy avocado and apple puree my sister had made for my niece. I was totally in shock! In fact everyone was in shock! My mama was the one who got him to eat and he seemed pretty content, even showing excitement a couple of times. Building off of that momentum we have tried solids a few times since then, but I quickly learned that I do not have extra time in my schedule for preparing baby food.

And not that I think about it, he actually kinda hates my food 🙁 (I actually hate most smoothies that I make too…hmmmm). However he recently tried a few new foods that he likes! If you have not seen my Instastories with Breezy eating you are missing out! They are hilariously cute!



Working outside of the home is a balancing act of my time….and I have to constantly decide what is worth my time/energy. Stay at home mama’s I know it is the same for y’all… I see how hard it is for my sister to carve out time to get everything done! Well this week I came to the realization that I do NOT have time to make baby food. The steaming, pureeing, and storing is just not for me and was actually becoming stressful just thinking about it…

Store bought food isn’t all bad…

So earlier this week on a Target run, I found myself in the baby food aisle, searching for a substitute for mama’s homemade food (that he never eats haha). And I actually found so many great options that I think we’ll try in the future. I bought two jars of food, both of which he’s tried and tolerated before – like the Beech-Nut Sweet Potatoes which I really like because they have no added ingredients or preservatives  and their actually good! (I tried them myself!)

Food is all fun at this stage. He nurses and bottle feeds like nobody’s business so we aren’t concerned about his caloric intake…I just wanted him to reach the milestone of eating solids. Then I was like ‘oh wow Morgan you are totally making this all about you and not about Breezy’… And you know what happened, soon after I stopped offering food… he began to show more interest!  Lately he has been smacking his lips and making googly eyes when he sees us eating. Hubby fed him mashed beans last night and he loved them!

What I realized is…..

Whether I make his food from scratch or it is off the shelf at the grocery store all that matters is that he is eating nutritious, age appropriate foods, that he likes! I lost site of the fact that “fed is best”, and was stressing myself out over something simple. I was taking the fun out of introducing solids, it’s not about how much or what he eats, it’s about the exploration. There will be much harder choices I’ll have to make down the road then jarred vs. homemade so I think I’ll spare myself some premature gray hairs.

I think that it’s awesome that some mama’s make baby food! My sister makes tons and I have a cousin that makes some pretty awesome looking pureed fruit pops. Honestly, I bottle up the food that my sister makes since Breezy loves it so much!  If I ever get more time I think I’d experiment with making Breezy some food, but for right now, it just isn’t practical for my life. I did try and make frozen little bites out of the jarred food but yet again…Breezy wasn’t interested!

My conclusion is this: as long as the food is organic with no preservatives or added sugar I am comfortable giving it to my son.


You got this mama…

Well mamas I hope that you all avoid beating yourselves up if you aren’t into homemade baby food! And if you were like me and were offering foods before your child was interested/ready… don’t have mama guilt! I am a new mama and I don’t know everything! Yes, I am a nurse, but even mamas in the medical field feel pressure for their child to eat solids at that “certain age”. I am a breastfeeding advocate, my son is a breastmilk baby…and now he is almost a solid eater—BUT IT HAPPENED at his own pace!

Thanks for reading. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s diet or eating habits speak with your pediatrician. They’re a great resource! Make sure they have similar views as yourself and your family so that you can have the best guidance and support possible.




Comment and tell me how introducing solids is going with your kiddo.
When did you start and what their favorite food is!

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