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A Mama's guide to surviving a summertime pregnancy

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Last Summer I was a round, sweaty, and hot, soon-to-be mama. Thank goodness I had a few tricks up my sleeve to help keep me cool!  Between the thick humidity the Midwest is famous for and the fact that I prefer the cooler months I was toasty all summer long. Pregnancy is no joke, but being pregnant in the extreme heat is often extremely uncomfortable. So I put together a guide to help you preggo mama’s survive your summertime pregnancy. 

Let’s be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of things that can make you feel better during pregnancy. The constant pressure on your bladder, the back spasms, and sciatic nerve pain shooting down your leg, let’s not mention the sleepless nights. But ya know what? At the end of the day it is all–well 9 months, it is all totally worth it! Pregnancy is tough mama but you are tougher!

Surviving Summertime pregnancy
Tip #1

This may seem totally obvious but I am going to say it, 1. because I am an avid water drinker and 2. because I am a Nurse and I feel obligated to. Stay HYDRATED! I know, I know, I sound like your mother asking, have you had your 8 glasses of water yet honey?! But in all seriousness pregnant women need more water than the standard  64 oz. Consuming at LEAST 80 oz.  a day or 2.3 Liters is recommended. Speak with your OB/GYN and see how much water you should be consuming.  If you sweat a lot (like me) you might want to drink more, because you are losing more through your pores. If morning sickness is a factor remember that vomiting or diarrhea can quickly dehydrate you so try and drink extra water if you can keep it down.

I Love Hydroflask

My water bottle of choice is the brand Hydroflask. I like the brand for a couple of reasons: 1. Keeps fluid cold for 24 hrs.
2. Tons of different sizes
3. Tons of different lids
4. Lots of fun colors and designs
5. Easy to clean
6. No plastic
7. EXTREMELY durable

However there are a lot of different brands such as YETI that create insulated stainless steel water bottles . I do want to try the YETI brand out because I have heard good things!

Mama Hack: Try fruit infused water if you get bored with the taste of plain water. You can DIY it with an infuser pitcher or water bottle insert. Or buy it at the store! If you are feeling fancy my Auntie Thelma suggests an ice cold La Croix! 

Surviving summertime pregnancy
tip #2

To avoiding overheating during outdoor activities I started carrying around a cooling towel. To this day I still carry one around in my diaper bag so I can place it across Breezy if he gets too hot. If you haven’t heard of a cooling towel I will leave a link below, but they are towels tat absorb warm water and somehow emit a cold sensation. All without leaving you wet!   Cooling towels are strips of cold goodness, these fabric pieces have the ability to stay cold for long periods of time and go virtual lay across any part of your body! I usually placed mine around my neck or the back of my legs. I bought mine at Dick’s Sporting Good’s and they were less than $5 a piece! 

Cooling Towels work best when they are stored in the original case. This helps keep them soft and intact.
Mama Hack: Try wrapping the cooling towel around your wrists for a quick way to cool off. 

Surviving Summertime Pregnancy
Tip #3

This last tip I wish I had followed during my pregnancy and that is. To stay as active as you can, for as long as you can. That way your body is accustomed to being on the move and less likely to tire out so quickly. When you are outside in the heat your body will be able to adjust faster. Have you ever seen a pregnant lady at them gym or out running and thought ,”wow, I wish I could do that….I would probably pass out just walking up the stairs”. If you are active from the beginning of your pregnancy it will make things a lot easier for you!

Being active can be taking a walk every morning or evening in the coolest part of the day, or going for a swim. It does not have to be something crazy! Just being out in nature allowing your mind to rest and your body to adjust to the heat. If you are always inside in the AC it will seem sooo much hotter when you do finally go outside.

Now of course your activity level will be determined by you and your doctor and what will be safe during your pregnancy. Use your best judgement and always follow any sort of restrictions you might have. We aren’t trying to have any mama’s out there passing out! You are probably  learning by now to listen to your body…pregnancy gets us so in-tune with our bodies it is amazing! 

Well Mama’s those are the summer pregnancy survival tips that I have to share with you! I hope that this summer brings you lots of fun memories as you grow your baby! If you feel like it’s so hot you are just going to melt….go grab a popsicle, put on some sunscreen & shades, and go float around in the pool….belly and all! 


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