Autumn Books featuring Diverse Children

We love reading books around here. Even more than that we love beautiful illustrations. Using our local library systems we have been able to read several books about Autumn featuring diverse children. If you know me, you know I’m serious about representation in literature. It is so important that children see others that look like them in their environment and books are no exception.


These stories are great for preschool age children and younger elementary ages. Remember, when reading to nonreaders you can always improv, enjoy the illustrations and use your imagination to explore the story. Enjoy this list and please leave comments with additional books that we should read. 

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

written by Kenard Pak

Story of a young girl who walks through her town saying goodbye to Summer on one page and greeting Autumn on the next page. There are elements of nature, weather and the passing of time from day to night.  

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

written by Steve Metzger

A spinoff of the song/poem, “we’re going on a bear hunt”. This troop of children walks through a dark forest and around a waterfall in search of leaves. Along the way they identify beautiful leaves from different trees. 

Let It Fall

written by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

This family enjoys everything about Fall from raking leaves, to hiking and going to festivals. I loved the diversity of other families at the festival and at the school. The dad is even baby wearing at the apple orchard. We could relate to so many of the fun, Fall activities. 

My Autumn Book

written by Wong Herbert Yee

This independent young girl uses her camera to capture photos of Fall. She is enamored with nature and all of the changes she discovers around her.

Bella's Fall Coat

written by Lynn Plourde

Let me just say this the illustrations in this book are stunning. An adventurous young girl tries to keep wearing a coat that is too small for her. She spends most of her day playing outside doing her favorite things, but when her favorite coat rips her grandmother sews her a new one.

Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!

written by Anne Sibley O’Brien

Again, more stunning illustrations and no wonder since it is the same author that illustrated  Bella’s Fall Coat

It’s almost seems like magic the way that Summer melts into Fall. The changing scenery, animal behavior and trick-or-treating is welcomed with each fold-out page. I hope your child will enjoy turning the pages as much as mine did. 

Yellow Time

written by Lauren Stringer

The title refers to the color of the leaves as they fall from the trees. This mother and her daughters look forward to the phenomenon that brings the leaves swooshing around them and others. 

Leaf Man

written by Lois Ehlert

Although this book does not feature any humans, it does follow a leaf man on his wind wept journey. Leaf photos are used to compose untraditional illustrations. My son really enjoyed this book because he had to look intently at the leaves to see the figures alluded to in the story. 

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these books repeatedly. I would have to say that Sonny’s favorites are Bella’s Fall Coat and Leaf Man.

My favorite is Bella’s Fall Coat. Seriously y’all the illustrations are so outrageously beautiful and the little girl and her Grandmother have a relationship this is believable and heartwarming.

Check out these books today, and with as cold as the weather is around here, (there is snow on the ground right now) I better head back to the Library for some Winter books. 

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