Sound Bites: using our ears to identify environments

This activity incorporates listening and imagination. I recently gathered a sampling of sound bites for Sonny to listen and identify. These sound bites are both familiar and unfamiliar. Using manipulatives, toys and books we discuss sound that may be heard in different locations such as a farm, the ocean and a construction site. After describing the locations (this can be done over the course of several days) we listen to the sounds bites. This activity can be completely free, use YouTube for sample clips, and is incredibly engaging.


Increase auditory discrimination


Today we are going to talk about what you might hear at a Construction Site. There is heavy machinery, hard workers and raw materials. Is a Construction Site quiet or loud? How do the workers talk to each other? Do the big machines work at the same time? Have you ever heard a jackhammer? What does it sound like? Can you make the sound of a jackhammer for me? When a larger construction vehicle is backing up or going in reverse what sound does it make? Now we are going to read a book about construction sites. After our story we’ll listen to sounds from a real construction site. Are you ready?

Our Sound Bites

At Home

Playing with lentils as he listens to construction site sound bite

Remember to find sound bites that are relevant for your child, based on his interests. Introduce 2 or 3 sound bites at a time during play or use the sound bites to introduce new work. I included similar sound bites to challenge my son to listen more intently. Remember the goal of this activity: increase auditory discrimination.

The manipulatives add to the sensory experience but are not necessary for this work. You can use books, magazines or newspaper ads to enhance the work if manipulatives are not available. Create your list of sound bites in less than 10 minutes and get to work. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

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