D.I.Y. Moon Sand

It is officially March! But it is freezing here so we have spending a lot of time inside! The weather in the Midwest has been BRUTAL! With so much time indoors I have really been stretching myself when it comes to indoor activities! Now my sister on the other hand, is always doing something new with her kiddos and has endless ideas. So many great ideas in fact that she started an Instagram account dedicated to Montessori preschool activities check it out here @learn_outside_the_box . Well, needless to say I was pretty proud of myself when I was able to pull off this Moon Sand activity. I even called Courtney on FaceTime she could witness the greatness (can you tell I’m the younger sister).

Stuck inside too? Well I have got a cure for your cabin fever! Using 3 super cheap and super simple ingredients we created crumbly, mold-able, sensory sand! Moon Sand is different from traditional kinetic sand because it is not in “constant motion” which is the entire point of kinetic sand. It is dry, messy, and loads of fun. Moon sand is really fun because you can create fun objects, add colors, and use toys to build sand castles, towers, or snowmen!

Super simple! Super Quick! I hope that you try our recipe out! Tag us in your Instagram or Facebook posts! As always leave us comment below, like, share, and subscribe!

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