About Us

Who Is Behind Mamahood In A Nutshell?

We are two sisters named Courtney & Morgan who love to laugh, share, and hack our way through the day. Living in the Midwest we take advantage of all four seasons by exploring our town. Visiting the zoo, parks, and baby & toddler friendly attractions keeps us busy and is how we love to fill our time…even if that means a short day trip!

What Is Unique About Our Blog?

Two different perspectives: one of us is a stay at home mama with a busy toddler and precious baby (click here to meet her), the other is a first time mama of one and works part-time as a nurse (click here to meet her).

Who Is Our Blog For?

Whether you are pregnant, recently had a baby, a first time mama or are an experienced one, we have something for you! If you live in the Midwest then you will love our blog! We are always posting the fun places we explore and we know that you will love them too!

What Does Our Blog Have To Offer?

Explore the recipes that we have experimented on our hubbies & kiddos, laugh at the stories we share, dive into the toddler and baby friendly activities, and interact with us by leaving a comment!

Well we hope that you find what you are looking for on our blog and if not send us an email we would love to hear from you!

– Courtney & Morgan

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