Mama’s Make The Future

We all know that Mama's are busy! We work, cook, clean, manage finances, plan family trips. Mama's pour themselves into their families, jobs, neighborhoods, and groups.
We can breastfeed, bottle feed, baby wear and plan activities like no bodies business. But what about the other things we mama's do! We own businesses, create, invent, educate and design.

Well here at Mamahood In A Nutshell we believe that Mama's Make The Future and we want to shoutout some awesome Mama's who are doing fun and exciting things!

Meet Rasheedah

We recently had a Q & A Session with a KC Native! Learn about how she started her own organization to meet other mamas and created a play group for her son!

If you or someone you know is interested in being featured on our blog send us a quick email us at  We look forward to chit-chatting about how you are molding the future!