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Baby Wearing is Awesome

*** This post contains affiliate links. We will make a small commission if you choose to purchase an item through our link. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.*** Alright ladies, let’s talk about one of the most popular things mamas are doing these days and have done for years: BABY WEARING! While pregnant, I looked forward to…

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Montessori Activities, Preschool

Expanding your child’s library

I think we can all agree that literacy is important for children of all ages. Whether you enjoy reading or not, you have probably read a book to your kiddo, made a trip to the library or filled out a reading log for your student. I just wanted to tell you a couple ways that we have collected and expanded…

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Solid Food Fiasco

Homemade food was not working for me or my child and here is why…. My son is 6-months now and I thought it would be a good idea to begin introducing solid food. This week I bought pre-made, jarred, organic baby food. You’re probably thinking “wow OK Morgan congratulations…..why are you telling me this”. Well the reason is because I…

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The Best and Worst Advice: Mamahood Edition

It can be super exciting to find out that you are expecting a baby! So many emotions swirl around in your mind and heart when you see those double lines:  anxiousness, nervousness, curiosity, love, excitement, ambivalence, fear, anger, joy, relief ! The moment other people find out you are preggers they instantly form an opinion–sometimes even before you’ve formed your…

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