Mama, Wellness

Dear Mama

Hey Mama, This is an open letter to any mama that finds herself struggling. To the mama who worked all day and when she gets home does tummy time with her baby, reads to her toddler, cooks, cleans, and catches up with her husband. The mama who was home all day with her kiddos who slept all morning and were…

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Montessori Activities, Preschool

Preschool Activity: Construction Vehicles

Sonny’s current obsession is Construction Vehicles. Following the Montessori mindset, I am doing my best to supply him sufficient information about Construction Vehicles. Whenever your child shows interest in a particular subject or item, it is important to support them in their quest for knowledge. In all honesty sometimes it is very difficult to gather information on certain topics. In some cases,…

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Babies, Health

Myths VS Facts: Safe Sleep Edition

Confused about what’s true and what’s not when it comes to Safe Sleep for you child?! Read on for some facts to keep your baby safe and comfy as they snooze away… Myths VS Facts About Infant Sleeping Myth: Babies sleep best on their stomachs Fact: You can train your baby to sleep soundly on their back. It takes consistency,…

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