Bringing Home Our Second Child

We were ready to have another child. It was the next logical step for our family. Our son was 1 ½ years old, and I felt physically and emotionally ready for another baby. When we found I was pregnant we were so happy (maybe me more than my husband). I was going to be a Mom of Two! What made…

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Mama, Working Mama

Life Balance and the Working Mama

Wondering how my transition back to working full-time is going? Read on to find out!   Okay Mama, I have been back to work for 3 whole months. I’ve started to write this post so many times, but have had difficulty trying to find the right words… But tonight, I am forcing myself to put words to my emotions… Maybe…

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Mama, Wellness

Dear Mama

Hey Mama, This is an open letter to any mama that finds herself struggling. To the mama who worked all day and when she gets home does tummy time with her baby, reads to her toddler, cooks, cleans, and catches up with her husband. The mama who was home all day with her kiddos who slept all morning and were…

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