National Young Readers Week

Before we get into National Young Readers Week please take a trip with me back to yesteryear. Does anyone remember BOOK IT? The reading program with Pizza Hut?!?!?!?! Remember how you would read your books, fill out your reading log and then beg your parents to take you to Pizza Hut so that you could get your personal pan pizza…

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Montessori Activities, Preschool

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

  It’s inevitable in the Midwest, with Autumn comes Rain. Icky, Cold, Rain.   I don’t know about you but I cannot be trapped indoors with nothing to do, and by I, I mean my son. My little man must, I repeat MUST, have something to do or things get crazy. I mean we’re already on the brink of crazy…

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Babies, Lactation Tips, Mama

Are Your Breast Pump Parts Clean?!

Mama Hack: Breast Pump Edition Pumping is not only hard work it also requires tedious upkeep to ensure that your pump parts are clean and in good condition. For the first 7 weeks of my sons life I was an exclusively pumping mama due to latching issues. I must say that this was one of the most challenging times I…

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Mama, Working Mama

When Maternity Leave Isn’t Enough

My Story About How I Transitioned Back to Work after Maternity Leave During my maternity leave I kept a list of all the things I wanted to “accomplish” while I was off. Things like clean and organize the basement, cook amazing Pinterest worthy meals everyday, finish all of the crafts that I have been working on, lose all my baby…

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